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Instructions for use

You can find the most recent version of all Coloplast IFUs on this page.
Please note that the search is not an exact match, thus, several IFUs may be displayed for the same search. While searching for the IFUs start with the 5-digit catalogue number.

For some IFUs the file has been changed slightly to make it more on-line reader-friendly and ready for print. However, content will always be the same as in the IFU delivered with the product.

Symbol Glossary

Coloplast has adopted the use of symbols from applicable international standards. Symbols are used to convey information on the safe and effective use of our products, product characteristics and to provide guidance on handling and storage.


A compiled list of symbols that may appear on Coloplast labelling and product packaging together with the meaning of the symbol is found here

IFU label

Instruction on how to find the catalogue number on the label on the package

The catalogue number is found on the label on front of the retail box or on the primary packaging of the product. For most labels you will find the symbol image5g2jt.png  in front of the catalogue number.